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International Cooperation - Thailand 

Talent International College has a flourishing Thai language major that attracts more and more students every year. This is due to the fact that we pay much attention to this important major and employ the finest native Thai language teachers who give the students not only the skill for the Thai language, but an in-depth view of the Thai culture and how Thailand really is. To add even more weight to this Thai language major we have joined forces with on of Thailand's most progressive and modern Universities.

Collaberation with Nakon Sawan Rajabhat University 

is now the cooperation partner with Talent International College and offersour students the opportunity to train in their university and take a Bachelor degree in Thai language. The University takes a large number of Thai major students form our college on an annual basis and trains them in all aspects of the Thai language, cultural issues and Thai business practices. These students graduate with Bachelor degrees from Thailand and this gives them a head start when seeking employment in the  International market. We are proud to have this cooperation with Nakon Sawan Rajabhat University as it gives the students so much opportunity to study abroad at a reasonable cost and we are looking forward to further enhancing our cooperation with the University.








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