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Talent International teams up with New Silk Road Modeling Organization

On January the 19th 2011 our college and The New Silk Road Model agency met Talent International College at the Wharton International Hotel in Nanning and held a collaboration agreement which was ceremoniously signed in view of a press conference.
The ceremony was attended by deputy mayor XU Gui, from the publicity department of Qinzhou municipal committee along with around 100 other high ranking officials from the business and media industry.

Ceremony to sign cooperation agreement

The ceremony officially began at 10.30 am, starting the conference as moderators were the 2009 New Silk Road Contest winner Miss Zhong Yangyang as well as Li Weishan the 2010 winner and Chen Mei the Miss Bikini 2010 runner-up. Other famous models were also there to lend a hand.  Chairman of Talent International Miss Hou Zhenmei and New Silk Road Chairman Mr. Li Xiaobai along with Qinzhoul Municipal committee Deputy Mayor Xu Gui gave introductory speeches and later in a warm and friendly atmosphere the two parties signed a cooperation agreement witnessed by leaders and guests who took pictures and toasted the occasion.

Most renowned modeling agency across China

New Silk Road model agency is the oldest, largest and most renowned modeling agencies. It is the front runner of the industry developing world class Chinese models  by using modeling experts well known to the industry. New Silk Road Model Agency  is acquiring new models through cooperative enterprises such as the collaboration with Talent International College Guangxi. This arrangement will provide professional training and job security for modeling students. The scope of business and job security will aspire modern young people to this rewarding modeling major paving the way for yet more successful career choices for students from Talent International College Guangxi . 


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