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 Professor Hou Kang of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts gives seminar for Art and Engineering faculty at Talent International College

On the afternoon of October 31st in the Experimental Building Room 501, the distinguished Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts professor Huo Kang brought a "soft decoration art" seminar for teachers and students of the faculty of Art and Engineering.

In the lecture, Professor Huo Kang explained in detail the concept and history of soft outfit, soft loading and recent developments. He said soft outfit is found in commercial and residential space, where all movable elements are collectively soft in decoration and design. Soft mounted elements including furniture, decorative painting, ceramics, flower plants, curtain fabric, lighting, and other decorative ornaments etc.. The soft decoration art originated in modern Europe, also known as Art Deco, or "modern art". It began in twentieth Century 20 years ago, with the development of society, and the rapid development of new technology. This awoke people's aesthetic consciousness to decorative awareness and increased in strength. After nearly 10 years of development, in twentieth Century there are over 30 forms of soft decoration art.

In the future when it comes to soft outfit industry when Huo Kang said, soft loading design is emerging within the industry, with the soft attire the popularity of constant temperature, soft outfit has separated itself into a form another fashion in the industry. The future prospects for this type of art product are very broad, and there is a huge talent gap, giving rise to huge employment prospects for students in this feild.

After two hours of lecture, Professor Huo Kang gave a vivid explanation giving students in-depth understanding of the connotation and the development prospects of soft decoration art, not only developing the knowledge of the students, but also stimulating students to join the design industry.

Introduction of Huo Kang Professor: in 1989 graduated from the Soochow University (Suzhou Institute of silk) Department of Arts and crafts of textile art design specialty In 2003 won the master award for industrial design engineering at the Wuhan University of Technology Institute of art and design of Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts.

He is director of the textile art design department, at Guangzhou Acamdemy of Fine Arts and a member of the Art Committee of fashion design Chinese Artists Association. He is also a member of the Chinese Industrial Design Association and director of Guangdong Province household textile industry association. He has carried out research work since 1989 and has been engaged in teaching household textile design. He recently won the "China famous designer".


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