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 Director Xiao Yinzi of NPC Standing Committee Secretary carries out research at Talent International College

On the 1st of November 2013, Xiao Yingzi, director of the NPC Standing Committee Secretary of municipal Party committee of Qinzhou city came to our college to carry out research, and to understand the current situation. She held seminars, and gave reccomendations for on-site office college development needed to solve the problems. She told the college administration that the research she was undertaking was not to move or retract support of the college and hinder development, but to enhance its harmonious and scientific development, and make further concerted efforts to build the college into a characteristic of Guangxi as an International occupational University for the future.

In the survey, Xiao Yingzi visited the college students in mid-traning and listened to  reports from the board of directors and the School Leadership, noting that the school achievements had fully been affirmed.
Xiao Yingzi pointed out, that Talent International College School of thought is correct and clear in its objectives, teacher dedication and devotion to further education. She mentioned how there was a beautiful campus environment, campus culture and teaching facilities with perfect, distinctive characteristics established in just a few years.The scale of the standards were really unexpected, and had now become a model of Qinzhou's private occupation education, gearing towards economic and social development of Qinzhou's output of a large number of talented people.

Xiao Yingzi stressed that, at present, Qinzhou has entered the golden period of development, and City Hall would not to move or retreat to support this Anglo Chinese college in the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. The demand talent demand was high in the Beibu gulf and therefore encourages the enlargement of the college on an even bigger scale.

She believed that Talent International College would become the backbone of southwest South further education and act as a stratigic fulcrum of China's new requirements, high standards of internationalization.

Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of propaganda department, deputy mayor Xu Gui presided over the meeting, and put forward other opinions and suggestions of specific relevant issues to round off the visit.



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