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Member of the British royal family - HRH Princess Katarina arrives at Talent International College Guangxi

The British royal family member HRH Princess Katarina with an entourage of 17 came to visit Talent International College Guangxi. She was warmly greeted by the college leaders comprising of Dean - Huang Anjia, President - Hou Zhenmei, chairman and party secretary - Huang Zhining and the teachers and students at the school circular Plaza. President Hou Zhenmei thanked the princess for taking time to visit the institution and presented her to the waiting crowd.

princess katrina expressed her gratitude to the teachers and students for the warm reception, and then gave a cordial talk, where she asked about the students learning situation. she kindly encouraged the students to study hard, which she believed was an early talent to implement, and also hoped that more students would learn to understand english by helping them later to become the bridge and link of the sino british friendship pact.

the princess gave a high evaluation of the college, due to the pressing forward of internationalization education combined with the institute's advanced management mode. she went further to mention how the college was fortunate to be set in such a harmonious and humanistic environment, and that outstanding teaching achievements had affirmed the college to become a force in cultural exchanges. she hoped that this kind of development would let more british universities understand anglo-chinese colleges and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with each other.

before leaving school, the teachers and students presented souvenirs to all the guests. warm applause erupted after the princess thanked them for their gestures and was sorry to be leaving so soon. the meeting was brief but intense, the enthusiasm of the students at talent international college left a good impression on the royal.

princess katarina is the great granddaughter of queen victoria. she is a british royal representative authority and chairman of the uk national tourism administration and international ambassador. she is always keen to participate in public welfare undertakings and has served as honorary chairman for a range of charities giving her a unique position in the royal family.

yabo手机版princess katrina and entourage arriving at the campus

princess katrina signs the institute guestbook

princess katrina (left) is given the school painted portrait of the queen elisabeth ii to sign

Chairman Hou gives a welcoming gift to the princess

.Group photo of leaders and teachers

Princess Katrina with the teachers and students


Princess Katrina and Chairman Hou Zhenmei show the signed school portrait of Queen to the press and waiting crowds

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