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Art and Design Department

The Art and Design Department is a fully fledged teaching wing of the college. It imparts knowledge and practices in the field of Environmental Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design and Computer aided Design. The students can therefore choose from a range of fields to suit their education and future job orientation. The labs are well equipped with the latest equipment to enhance the learning process. Students enthusiastically prepare projects for different occasions like Spring Festival, Teacher’s day, dance and music programs and various other activities that happen from time to time in the college. Their art work is displayed on the walls, art galleries of the college including the library.

The Environment Design diploma course helps the students to understand the importance of Environment Design and helps the students to understand the importance of saving the environment as this is a very serious topic these days. There are many sources of pollution endangering our environment and thus it is imperative that such activities are encouraged. Fashion Design is an interesting area for students who like to design new clothes and keep up with the latest trends in fashion from around the globe. This also makes them aware of the various cultures that inhabit our continents. Computer aided design is another area taught to students, which imparts knowledge in the field of graphics using modern hardware and software interfaces. Students can choose from Interior design or Advertising artwork design. In both these majors students prepare projects using 3D-Max, animation software and other audio visual tools related to the courses.

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