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Information Science Department

The mission of the Information Science Department of Talent International College is to provide students with the latest skills for use in  information technology. In this department the students learn the very latest networking technologies as per the latest software and hardware innovations such as CISCO. Animation is another area where students can learn to be creative using software technology like: 'Maya' which is the leader in the animation field. Our software technologies diploma course integrates the knowledge of Web Design software using 'Dream weaver' which is the number one for developing websites for today's modern companies. E-commerce is taught to a large amount of majors as this field has grown immensely over the recent years.  The existing staff of 17 people include 15 full-time teachers and five lecturers. The department consists of five professional training rooms and eight computer-based training rooms, each training room has more than 400 computers and equipment worth up to $ 1.5 million.

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