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Electrical and Chemical Department

The Design & Manufacturing Department is the a key department under constant development and construction. The courses the department offers are suited to the needs of modern industry and are taught using modern techniques. The department runs a range of diploma course like for example our mould design machining program, which teaches students how to set up and operate lathes, vertical millers and grinders. The students also learn basic fitting skills instruction in math, measurement and inspection, job planning, safety, and machining theory.

Our CNC program also includes the set up, operation, and programming of vertical mills and lathes. Students learn formatting of CNC code, calculations  coordinate data, and programming techniques. We also offer a diploma course in pulp paper technology giving students knowledge and instruction in the most important aspects of this technology. Students become immersed in the fundamentals of this major and this gives them chances to find good employment opportunities in this highly paid industry. The department continues to focus on the latest methods in all the major trades and seeks to deliver the demand for well trained students who are needed in the Design and Manufacturing sector.

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